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  • Dimitris Poulopoulos

    Dimitris Poulopoulos

    Machine Learning Engineer @ Arrikto | PhD(c) @ University of Piraeus, Greece

  • Chanaka Fernando

    Chanaka Fernando

    Engineer | Author | Speaker | Associate Director @ WSO2

  • Javier Ideami

    Javier Ideami

    A multidisciplinary engineer, researcher, creative director, artist and entrepreneur, from augmented reality to deep learning, filmmaking, 3D and beyond.

  • Madison Hunter

    Madison Hunter

    CAN | Geoscience BSc undergrad student | Software Dev graduate | Words in The Startup, Towards Data Science, Better Programming, and Climate Conscious

  • Eliran Natan

    Eliran Natan

    Writes about Computer Science & Software Design. https://enatan.dev/

  • Senatus


  • Lew C

    Lew C

    I dream in Widgets. And then I make videos about it here: https://www.instagram.com/flutterfromscratch/.

  • Daniel Somerfield

    Daniel Somerfield

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